Write and Seal Labels

Write and seal labels enable the hand-written information added to a pre-printed or blank label, to be protected. The write and seal label is partially laminated which protects the already pre-printed part. The rest of the laminate (the flap) has backing paper on preventing it from sticking before the additional information is written.


When the label has had its final written information added the backing paper can be peeled back and removed and the clear laminate can be firmly stuck down over the handwriting giving excellent protection. The laminated label will be protected from liquids, cleaning, smudging and weather conditions.


However if you need to print your own then we can supply separate sheets or rolls of laminate patches that can be applied after printing.


We can provide labels in any size or colour with or without a logo.


These labels can be used for PAT testing or for use on any industrial or electrical equipment that has to be periodically checked for safety or for calibration testing.


Take a look at the following label pages:-


PAT Testing Labels


Calibration Labels

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