Printed barcode labels for unique identification of assets and products

Printed barcode labels give unique identification for asset tracking of all your assets and products.  Track assets such as office equipment, stock control, track goods being shipped, provide tracking and traceability of production batches and lots. Printed barcode labels can also help in quality control and can assist in preventing theft and counterfeiting. 


Printed barcode labels can be used by Hospitals, Biobanks, Clinical Trials and Industry for: 


  • Asset Tracking
  • Security for warranties / guarantees
  • Traceability


Barcode labels can be produced on A4 sheets or on Rolls and can include coloured logos, if required.   


Depending on the material chosen barcode labels can resist: 


  • Chemical Products          
  • Humidity
  • UV  
  • Water


If you have a Laser Printer (for A4 Sheets) or a Thermal Transfer Printer (for Rolls) you can print your own labels using our Blank Labels


We are distributors for Thermal Transfer Printers and label printing software.


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