About Us


EPI Labels Limited is a company that provides a wide range of self adhesive, rivet fixed and tag/hang tag labels suitable for all types of organisations, including:

  • Laboratories/Hospitals
  • Industry/Electronics
  • Biobanks
  • Calibration
  • Environmental organisations …and many more!

EPI Labels Limited was established in 2007 and trades under the names of Etiquette Professionnelles d’Identification and EPI Labels Limited. We trade with companies all over the world.

At EPI we have a wealth of experience in the labels industry and can provide unlimited advice to ensure our customers find the right label for their project taking into account any particular environmental constraints.

We pride ourselves on our ability to react quickly and efficiently in getting labels to customers on time and at competitive prices.

EPI Labels Limited also provides Thermal Transfer Printers for in-house printing, printing software and printer ribbons which will cater for all label creation requirements.

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