Cryogenic labels that resist low temperatures to -196°C

We have the perfect solution for your cryo labelling requirements for all your cryogenic storage to -196°C.   We have cryogenic labels that will stick to dry tubes for freezing to -196°C and labels for already frozen tubes - so re-labelling already frozen tubes - no problem.  

These cryogenic labels have a clear overlap portion which, for adhesive viability, must overlap by at least 6.35mm (.25”).  


Our cryogenic labels are an excellent solution for Clinical Trials or BioBanks.  We can provide them in any size or colour or multiple colours, with a barcode and logo, if required, on A4 Sheets or Rolls.  Our custom made labels can also be provided blank for in-house printing.  

Take a look at the following label pages:-

Laboratory Labels

Barcode Labels

Blank Labels

Labels for frozen tubes










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