Laboratory labels for hospitals, biobanks and clinical trials          

Laboratory labels have been adapted to use on test tubes, petri dishes, bottles, boxes and equipment.  Labels can resist from 0°C to -196°C (cryogenic), autoclave, xylene and alcohol.

Laboratory labels can be used in a number of environments including  hospitals, biobanks, clinical trials, forensic laboratories and agriculture.  These labels can uniquely identify equipment and/or samples.


Labels for dry tubes to -196°C

Labels for dry tubes can resist to-196°C.  If required, we can provide labels with a clear part that wraps around the test tube and over the printing providing protection.  They can be made in any colour, on A4 Sheets or Rolls and can include a bar code and/or logo.


Labels for frozen tubes to -196°C 

Take a look at our labels for already frozen tubes.


Clinical trial labels to -196°C

Excellent for Clinical Trials or BioBanks.  We can provide them in any size or colour or multiple colours, with a barcode and logo, if required, on A4 Sheets or Rolls.


Barcode Labels to -196°C

Take a look at our Barcode Labels  for more information.


Blank Labels

If you have a Laser Printer or a Thermal Transfer Printer you can print your own labels using our Blank Labels.


Blockout Labels

They are non-see-through, completely concealing what lies underneath – used in clinical trials so that staff or patients are unaware whether they are using a tested product or a placebo.


Piggyback Labels

Are made from combining two layers of adhesive substrate.  The label can be applied as normal to any object.  The bottom layer provides the backing to the top label which can be removed and applied elsewhere.

Whatever your requirements are we can provide you with the right solution.


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