Electrical Labels


Electrical Fascia Panels

Do you need a fascia panel for your product? – then look no further, we can provide fascia panels in a variety of materials which can be fixed using adhesive or with punched holes and fixed using rivets.


Electrical Warning Labels

Electrical warning labels have many possible representations.  

Symbols can vary from country to country but are to some extent internationally standardized.

We can make any symbol label to meet any of your constraints.


Printed Circuit Board Labels (PCB)

PCB labels will withstand high temperatures to +300°C, cleaning and solder wave processes.  They can incorporate single or multiple barcodes or can be supplied blank so you can print your own using a Thermal Transfer Printer


PAT Testing Labels

Health and Safety regulations require all electrical appliances to be tested for safety in the workplace. PAT testing should be carried out at regular intervals depending on the type of appliance and the environment in which it is to be used.  We can provide PAT testing labels in any shape or size.

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